WC96 Mobile Location Revision


The Mobile Location Revision Working Committee is to revise the following parts of G557:2020 Location Information for Emergency Calls Australian Industry Guideline:

  • Part 1: G557.1:2019 General
  • Part 5: G557.5:2014 Push Mobile Location Information (MoLI) Interface To Enhanced Calling Line Identification System (ECLIPS) Specification
  • Part 6: G557.6:2019 Advanced Mobile Location (AML)


  • Update processes for alignment with current industry processes.
  • Update or remove reference to superseded technology or systems e.g. ECLIPS.
  • Include mention of 4G mobile technology in G557.5.
  • Include mention of international inbound roaming e.g. in relation to possible support of international CLI in G557.5.
  • Update G557.6 to provide additional information if required on the various requirements for implementation of AML by Mobile Carriers e.g. specific data capacity requirements in a Mobile Carrier’s network to support data transactions between handsets and Google/Apple servers for AML computation in the Assisted GPS scenario.
  • Update G557.1:2019 to reflect the current status of the parts of G557 e.g. G557.5, G557.6 and the recent update to G557.4:2020 (incorporating variation 1/2020) Mobile Location Information (MoLI) Processes for Emergency Calls and Rescue Coordination Guideline.
  • Maintain alignment with any relevant international specifications.
  • Maintain consistency with the format of the current Communications Alliance template.

Terms of reference (Download, .doc 157KB)


Optus, Telstra, TPG Telecom.