Why join Communications Alliance?

Membership of Communications Alliance is drawn from a wide cross-section of the communications industry, including service providers, vendors, consultants and suppliers.

Members have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of Communications Alliance initiatives, and also to influence our direction and priorities and to contribute to shaping the future direction and growth of the co-regulatory framework and the telecommunications industry.

Categories and Fees

Please Contact Us for a current list of fees relating to each of our membership categories.

Current Members


Individual Members

  • Allan Horsley *
  • Andrew Bedogni *
  • Austin Carwardine
  • Barry Dingle *
  • Brian Perkins *
  • Cate Farley *
  • David Havyatt *
  • Dennis Hambleton *
  • Greg Crew *
  • Gary Smith *
  • Ian Binnie *
  • James Galloway *
  • Jan Land *
  • Kevin Richardson*
  • Lawrie Clarke *
  • Steve Dalby *

* Honorary Life Member