WC93 G.fast


The G.fast Working Committee (WC93) is to revise the:

  • C658:2019 Next-Generation Broadband Systems Deployment in Customer Cabling Industry Code, and
  • AS/ACIF S043.2 Requirements for Customer Equipment for connection to a metallic local loop interface of a Telecommunications Network - Part 2: Broadband Australian Standard
    • to align with international developments in G.fast technology (e.g. ITU-T Recommendation G.9700) and update the content of C658:2019 and AS/CA S043.2:2016 to enable the deployment of next generation broadband systems based on G.fast technology.

      Terms of reference (Download, .doc 124KB)


Adtran Networks, Australian competition and consume Commission (ACCC), Casa Systems, Nokia, nbn, Telstra.