WC80 Customer Cabling Installation and Cabling Products


The WC80 : Customer cabling installation and cabling products Working Committee is to revise the two Communications Alliance cabling-related Standards:

AS/CA S008 applies to cabling products, including cable and related customer equipment, intended for connection to the customer side of the boundary of a telecommunications network.

AS/CA S009 applies to the installation and maintenance of fixed or concealed cabling or equipment that is connected to a telecommunications network, including cord/cordage.

These Standards are called up via instruments under the Telecommunication Act 1997 and hence are mandatory, for suppliers of cabling product (AS/CA S008) and for those involved in carrying out telecommunications cabling work (AS/CA S009). Both Standards are being revised as a part of our scheduled five-year review of AS/CA S009. Due to the interdependency of requirements between the two Standards, AS/CA S008 is also to be revised.

Included in the areas for revision are: remote power feeding, the fire rating of cables, the suitability of cabling products, optical safety labelling, optical fibre cords, fusion splicing, cable material, definitions, underground conduit markings, lift travelling cables, compatibility of modular plugs and sockets, cabling between buildings, equipotential bonding and pits.

Terms of reference (WC80 Terms of Reference.pdf)

Expressions of Interest

Further information on the project can be found in the Information Pack below. Expressions of Interest to participate on the WC80 Working Committee can be lodged using the nomination form.

WC80 Information Pack.pdf
WC80 nomination form.doc


Carrier: nbn, Singtel Optus, Telstra

Supplier - Equipment/Cable: Austrand Communications, Casa Systems, Commscope, Prysmian Cables, Siemon Company

IndustryAssociations - Cablers: Australian Digital & Telecommunications Industry Association, BICSI South Pacific, NECA

Supplier - Services: Cumarsaid, The University of Sydney

Regulator: ACMA (non-voting)