Mobile Number Portability Administration Group


The Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Administration Group ensures the efficient operation of MNP within the scope of the Mobile Number Portability Industry Code (C570:2009).

The group:

  1. consists of mobile carriers and MNP participants;
  2. is responsible for identifying and resolving any issues associated with the efficient operation of MNP;
  3. co-ordinates industry testing of new participants;
  4. co-ordinates implementation of new digital certificates;
  5. identifies relevant Public Holidays as National Public Holidays and ensures all MNP Participants are aware of Porting and Non-Porting Days;
  6. ensures that the MNP Contact List and Expected Data Table are maintained;
  7. will coordinate the changes of MNP participants when there is an MNP impact on the overall industry;
  8. monitors developments in the industry to identify and recommend change to Communications Alliance MNP documents, including the MNP Industry Code, Operations Manual, IT Specifications and test documents, to the Operations Reference Panel (ORP) that would provide a cost benefit to the efficient operations on MNP;
  9. reports on a regular basis, as appropriate, to the ORP.

Terms of reference (Download, .doc 25KB)


AAPT, Lycamobile, Paradigm One, Pivotel, SingTel Optus, Symbio, Telstra, VHA