WC106 Broadcast Cabling and Digital Equipment


The Broadcast Cabling and Digital Equipment Working Committee is to revise the G642:2016 Installation of Broadcast Cabling and connection of Digital Broadcast Equipment to a Telecommunications Network Industry Guideline, to:
  • add a description of the 2016 revision to the Foreword.
  • review the list of Acronyms and Definitions in Section 2 and amend as appropriate.
  • update Figure 1 to include current variants in operation for digital broadcast equipment delivered using fibre-based services into broadcast premises
  • review and edit the lists of broadcast interfaces and specifications in Section 3.4
  • renumber References to Section 4, review the list of standards referenced and limit to only relevant documents.
Terms of reference (Download, .doc 119KB)

Expressions of Interest

Further information on the project can be found in the Information Pack below. Expressions of Interest to participate on the WC106: Broadcast Cabling and Digital Equipment Working Committee can be lodged using the nomination form.

WC106 Information Pack
WC106 Nomination Form