What we believe in
  • Our mission to connect everyone, everywhere is founded on the belief that to realize humanity's potential, it's going to take all of us.
  • We believe that, given the opportunity, anyone can change their community, their country, and the entire world for the better.
  • By bringing together people, ideas and information, OneWeb unites and empowers the next generation to be more productive, pioneering and enlightened.
Who we are
  • We are OneWeb. We will be the first to deliver global communications through a next generation satellite constellation - bringing seamless connectivity to everyone, everywhere.
  • Our network is to be the most advanced of its kind, connecting and empowering people by land, air, sea.
  • We are delivering a complete global connectivity solution, making it easier for its global customers to operate where they need to anywhere in the world.
What we do
  • Our truly global, high-speed connectivity is a game-changer.
  • Our world class, and diverse team of investors and experts has mastered advanced manufacturing, allowing us to build the world's first global communications network in space – something that until now has been impossible to achieve.
  • We have the technology and expertise to build our network effectively, and to harness the full potential of space – the perfect, open medium for delivering a new kind of service.