Sydney, 5 July 2022: Australia’s communications satellite sector has urged the Federal Government to participate more comprehensively in international decision-making about the global coordination of use of radiofrequency spectrum bands that deliver video, data, content and connectivity for all Australians.

The Satellite Services Working Group (SSWG) of Communications Alliance has published a position paper detailing a Spectrum Industry Strategy for Australia, which attempts to balance the needs of various industry sectors that need access to spectrum, in order to deliver services in Australia and across the globe.

The SSWG is a group of 23 companies (see below) active in the satellite communications space in Australia.
The position paper offers a consolidated, band-by-band, view of the myriad of spectrum-related issues in Australia, from the perspective of the communications satellite sector.

The paper also presses for the Australian Government and relevant regulators to engage fully with the work of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) – the global body that seeks to coordinate the usage of spectrum bands, to enhance the efficient, consistent and equitable use of spectrum around the world.

The paper also raises the question as to whether satellite operators should be compensated if they are required to vacate C-Band frequencies, in order to meet the data-provision needs of terrestrial mobile operators – something that has happened in markets such as the US.

Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, said, “The paper highlights the need for consistent, long-term planning to foster the industry and ensure the sector, consumers and the wider economy are able to reap the full benefits of spectrum use in Australia. It doesn’t purport to necessarily represent the views of the more terrestrially focused members of Communications Alliance, nor the communications sector as a whole. However, it is a timely and useful reference document for stakeholders, including regulators, as they look to frame Australian positions and consider spectrum-management options.”

Communications Alliance Satellite Services Working Group Members:

• Amazon Web Services
• EchoStar Global Australia
• Foxtel
• FreeTV
• Inmarsat
• Intelsat
• Ipstar
• Lockheed Martin
• nbn
• Omnispace
• OneWeb
• Optus
• Orion Satellite Systems
• Pivotel Satellite
• Skybridge
• SpaceX
• Speedcast
• Telesat
• Telstra
• ViaSat
• Vocus

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