2014 Media Releases

Mixed Results in Latest Telecommunications National Customer Satisfaction Survey

20/01/2014 - The latest Telecommunications Customer Satisfaction Survey has produced mixed results, with incremental gains in some areas being offset by declines against several metrics, Communications Alliance CEO John Stanton revealed today.
2014 Media Release 1


03/03/2014 - Nominations have opened for the Australian communications industry’s premier awards, the ACOMMS, with 12 categories celebrating performance excellence in customer service, marketing, innovation and product solutions across the breadth of the telecommunications sector.
2014 Media Release 2

Communications Alliance Welcomes Telco Elements of Government’s Red Tape Repeal Day

19/03/2014 - Communications Alliance CEO John Stanton today welcomed the telco-related measures within the Omnibus Repeal Day (Autumn 2014) Bill, introduced into Federal Parliament.
2014 Media Release 3

Continued Decrease in Complaints to TIO Good News for Telco Customers

20/03/2014 - Communications Alliance welcomed the news that telecommunications consumer complaints have fallen to a six-year low, as revealed in the latest figures from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), released today.
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Communications Alliance Assumes Responsibility for Internet Industry Association (IIA) Codes and Operations

24/03/2014 - Communications Alliance will take responsibility for the industry Codes and core responsibilities of the Internet Industry Association (IIA) under an agreement signed today. The move follows a decision by the Board of the IIA to seek to transfer its operations to Communications Alliance and, in due course, cease trading as a separate association.
2014 Media Release 5

Further Improvements in Latest Telecommunications National Customer Satisfaction Survey

09/04/2014 - The latest Telecommunications Customer Satisfaction Survey has revealed further improvements in key satisfaction metrics, including complaint handling and the ease of contacting service providers, Communications Alliance CEO John Stanton said today.
2014 Media Release 6

Communications Alliance Welcomes Government Consultation Paper

15/04/2014 - Communications Alliance has welcomed the consultation paper released by the Government today containing proposed measures to be included in the Repeal Day 2 package later in 2014.
2014 Media Release 7

Telco Industry Reviewing Service Continuity Arrangements

16/05/2014 - Communications Alliance has launched a review of the industry arrangements that are designed to help customers stay connected if their telecommunications service provider runs into financial difficulty.
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25/06/2014 - A host of new telco players have become short-listed finalists in the communications industry’s premier awards for excellence, the ACOMMS – highlighting the changing face of the communications sector.
2014 Media Release 9

New Guideline Helps Mobile Customers Calling 13/1300 Numbers

01/07/2014 - A new telecommunications industry Guideline, published today, will help consumers ensure that they do not incur high charges when making calls from mobile phones to 13 and 1300 numbers.
2014 Media Release 10

Australia’s ISPs Continue to Support Efforts to Help Combat Online Copyright Infringement

30/07/2014 - Communications Alliance, whose members include Australia’s major Internet Service Providers (ISPs), welcomed the release today of the Government’s discussion paper on online copyright infringement, but urged caution around several of the reform proposals.
2014 Media Release 11


30/07/2014 - The winners of the prestigious 2014 Communications Alliance & CommsDay Awards were announced at the Annual ACOMM Awards Dinner in Sydney. Attended by almost 500 industry leaders, the evening’s keynote address was delivered by Senator the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for Communications.
2014 Media Release 12

Industry Working for Clarity on Data Retention Proposal

26/08/2014 - Communications Alliance and a group of its Carriage Service Provider (CSP) members are working with the Attorney General’s Department and the Department of Communications in an attempt to provide greater clarity and precision to a Government proposal for a data retention regime.
2014 Media Release 13

Internet Service Providers Provide Strategies to Combat Online Copyright Infringement

01/09/2014 - The ISP industry has proposed constructive strategies to combat online copyright infringement, but warned that elements of the Federal Government’s current proposals would damage industry and consumers alike.
2014 Media Release 14

Telco Industry Steps Up to “Follow-the-Money” Strategy to Combat Online Copyright Infringement

08/09/2014 - The telecommunications industry has sought formal regulatory approval to launch a “Follow-the-Money” strategy that will act to reduce the economic incentive to promote or facilitate online copyright infringement in Australia.
2014 Media Release 15

Telecommunications Consumer Complaints Continue to Fall

17/09/2014 - Further sharp falls in telecommunications consumer complaints – to a six year low – show that industry is delivering on its promise of a much improved experience for customers, Communications Alliance said today.
2014 Media Release 16

Communications Alliance supports NBN rollout of vectored VDSL2

23/09/2014 - Communications Alliance today released updates to industry Standards that are crucial to the delivery of high-speed vectored VDSL2 broadband services to consumers via the National Broadband Network (NBN).
2014 Media Release 17

Revised TCP Code streamlines customer information requirements

03/10/2014 - Communications Alliance today released proposed revisions to the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code 2012 as part of a package of revised industry Codes and Guidelines to streamline and improve customer information requirements.
2014 Media Release 18

Industry ready to work on data retention detail

30/10/2014 - The telecommunications industry has signalled its willingness to work with the Federal Government to design a workable data retention regime that meets security needs, minimises new imposts on industry and protects consumer rights.
2014 Media Release 19

Consumers Fear Higher Internet Bills if ISPs are forced to Monitor and Sanction Customers

12/11/2014 - Most Australians consumers fear they will face higher internet bills if internet service providers (ISPs) are forced to shoulder the responsibility for identifying, monitoring and punishing people who illegally download content from the internet, according to extensive new research released by Communications Alliance today.
2014 Media Release 20

ISP Industry Moves to Create Code to Combat Online Copyright Infringement

10/12/2014 - Australia’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry will create an industry Code for a notice scheme to combat online copyright infringement or ‘internet piracy’, in line with decisions made this week by Federal Cabinet.
2014 Media Release 21

Improved location information for mobile calls to Triple Zero (000)

16/12/2014 - In a step forward for the Triple Zero (000) service in Australia, emergency services organisations can now obtain automatic access to improved information about the location of Australians who dial Triple Zero (000) seeking help from a mobile.
2014 Media Release 22

Industry Welcomes 48% Fall in Complaints to the TIO – a New Seven-Year Low

17/12/2014 - Complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman have fallen by 48% in the past 4 years – hitting a new seven-year-low figure in the three months to 30 September this year.
2014 Media Release 23

First-of-its-kind telco report gives consumers key new information

19/12/2014 - Consumers are being given important new information to help them compare the performance of Australia’s top telcos and make more informed choices.
2014 Media Release 24

Industry Guideline Designed to Help Customers Move onto the NBN

22/12/2014 - Communications Alliance has published a new industry Guideline designed to facilitate the smooth migration of Australian telecommunications customers onto the National Broadband Network (NBN).
2014 Media Release 25