G561:2009 Mobile Number Portability Network Plan for Voice, Data and Fax Services

G561:2009 (.pdf, 123 KB)

G561 defines the industry agreed call handling arrangements to support mobile number portability. In particular, this plan describes call handling between interconnected networks for circuit switched voice, data and fax calls to portable mobile numbers. First published September 2000. Updated December 2000 to align Section 7 of ACIF G561 with the ACCC direction to ACA on MNP of November 2000. Updated March 2002 to clarify use of service digits for transfer/port of service between networks operated by same organisation e.g. GSM to CDMA, 2G to 3G.

The Guideline was recofirmed in 2014 and 2019 and the next review is scheduled to occur in 2024.