3.1 Telecommunications environment

When developing a Standard or revising an existing Standard, consideration needs to be given to any potential impact from current or anticipated industry developments. Examples of areas that a Working Committee may need to take into account include:

  • addressing requirements for customer equipment that use analogue/TDM technologies (sometimes referred to as ‘legacy’) and those that use packet/cell technologies (either as discrete or hybrid equipment).
  • consideration of the impact of emerging services on the scope and relevance of the Standard.
  • recognition of the impact of carrier network transformations and the evolution of networks on customer equipment, for example the National Broadband Network (NBN).
  • consideration of specific characteristics of access technologies for wireless (e.g. cellular, BWA) and wireline (e.g. PSTN, DSL, fibre, BPL).
  • network intelligence moving out into the customer equipment.
  • evaluate requirements in a Standard that relate to network services provided by a C/CSP that may have or are to be withdrawn.