Sydney, 29 October 2018: The Satellite Services Working Group (SSWG) of Communications Alliance has joined the Global Satellite Coalition (GSC) – a grouping of the world’s leading satellite industry associations.

The move was announced at the Satellite Next-Gen Focus event in Sydney today by SSWG Chair and Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton and GSC Representative, Dr Bob Horton.

The GSC was created in 2017. The membership of its Associations spans the globe, reflecting the total coverage of satellite through the combined support of hundreds of member companies based in every world region.

The founding partners of the GSC include Abrasat (Brazil); APSCC (Asia Pacific); AVIA (Asia Pacific) - former CASBAA; ESOA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, CIS); SIA (USA), and GVF (global).

The GSC’s priority is to advocate the role of satellite in achieving complete connectivity from contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Broadband Commission’s connectivity objectives to realizing the Network of Networks required for 5G. In addition it works to ensure that satellite services are an essential element of national broadband strategies, universal service programs and disaster preparedness efforts.

The SSWG is a group of 19 satellite services-focused companies active in the Australian market.

Dr Horton said that the inclusion of the SSWG would enable the GSC to leverage the local resources and expertise present in companies based in or serving Australia and its neighbouring countries.

Mr Stanton welcomed the move, which he said would help keep satellite players in touch with global counterparts and in tune with fast-paced developments occurring in many different markets around the world.

“Given the new challenges faced by our industry today, we are delighted to be part of the GSC to work together towards common objectives,” Mr Stanton said.

“Given the new challenges faced by our industry today, we are delighted to be part of the GSC to work together towards common objectives,” Mr Stanton said.For more information,

About the SSWG of Communications Alliance
The SSWG is part of Communications Alliance, the primary telecommunications industry body in Australia. The SSWG brings together a group of 19 players working in the satellite communications space in Australia. Its members include: Australian Private Networks (APN), Coutts Communications, Foxtel, FreeTV, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Ipstar, nbn, Omnispace, OneWeb, Optus, Orion Satellite Systems, Pivotel Satellite, SES, Skybridge, Speedcast, Step Electronics, Telstra and ViaSat. 

Communications Alliance is the primary telecommunications industry body in Australia. Its membership is drawn from a wide cross-section of the  communications industry, including carriers, carriage and internet  service providers, content providers, search engines, equipment vendors, IT companies, consultants and business groups.

The most influential association in Australian communications, co-operatively initiating programs that promote sustainable industry development, innovation and growth, while generating positive outcomes for customers and society.  To create a co-operative stakeholder environment that allows the industry to take the lead on initiatives which grow the Australian communications industry, enhance the connectivity of all Australians and foster the highest standards of business behaviour.  For more details about Communications Alliance, see

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