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ACOMMS 2024 - Save the Date!

Improved NBN Transfer Industry Code

A revised C647: 2023 NBN Access Transfer Industry Code has been registered by the ACMA on 18th January 2023.

It has been a significant undertaking by industry via a Communications Alliance working committee to revise the previously registered 2017 Code, but one which should see an improved customer experience once implemented. This revision includes an industry-wide process to enable the use of a 15 digit AVC ID in the transfer of customer services between providers on the NBN network, and the obligations relating to the display, access and availability of the AVC ID. 

The Code aims to reduce the issues associated with incorrect or unauthorised transfers of a customer’s NBN Service. The provision of an AVC ID, whilst being a new process for telecommunications consumers, should further promote an efficient and accurate service transfer which will ultimately give consumers a smoother transfer experience and provide confidence in the services they are transferring. The introduction of an AVC ID will provide an additional layer of authentication for customers and additional protection in ensuring the correct NBN Service is chosen when performing a transfer.

Key timeframes for proposed commencement of these processes are included in the Code. It is envisaged that the mandatory use across industry of the AVC ID will be in place by April 2025. Carriers and carriage service providers are reminded to register their details with Communications Alliance as part of the Code obligations.

Managing Radiocommunications Interference

The ACMA has recently consulted on the effectiveness of its regulatory arrangements for the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of equipment under the Radiocommunications Act 1992. These arrangements apply to a wide range of devices, including products with internal combustion engines (chainsaws, motorcycles, cars, lawn mowers), household appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, microwave ovens), electronic toys, lighting equipment, and information technology such as personal computers and printers.

Communications Alliance provided a submission, endorsed by AMTA, for the ACMA’s consideration:

  • supporting in principle the approach of expanding the range of EMC Standards to include further European harmonised EN Standards, subject to due consideration of relevance and applicability.
  • for the ACMA to carefully consider the introduction of EMC regulations when considering electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations. In addition to cars, other types of EVs such as electric scooters, bikes and skateboards need to be included.
  • classification of low power wireless chargers and the introduction of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Standards, which cover a range of changing powers, from wearables to kitchen appliances and even EVs.
  • the advent of many more types of battery-powered devices with removable battery packs, such as power tools, blowers, lawn mowers and other gardening tools, which were not considered when the EMC regulations were initially drafted.

New Member

Communications Alliance is pleased to welcome the following new member:

Maslow Telecom



Maslow Telecom is actively engaged in promoting digital inclusivity for individuals affected by homelessness, family violence, or financial hardship. They are committed to providing continuous service, flexible access, and affordable solutions, which are central to our core values.

Their vision is to foster a more connected and inclusive society, ensuring digital accessibility is a reality for everyone.

Safer Internet Day – 6 February 2024

Safer Internet Day is a global initiative to raise awareness of online safety issues.

The eSafety Commissioner leads the initiative in Australia. We educate people about online safety risks, like online abuse, how to be safe online and where to go for help.

This Safer Internet Day we're encouraging you to take three simple actions when approaching online safety: Connect. Reflect. Protect.  

Connect safely by keeping apps and devices secure and reviewing your privacy settings regularly. 

Reflect on how your actions online may affect others or your safety. 

Protect yourself and others by visiting eSafety.gov.au to find out how to stay safe online and report online abuse.

By doing these things and sharing the Connect. Reflect. Protect message, we can work towards making every day a Safer Internet Day. 

Current Consultations

Below is a list of currently open telecommunications-related consultations being conducted by Government and other organisations that provide an opportunity for you to have your say.

Communications Alliance members interested in contributing to an industry submission (if one is being developed in response to a specific consultation) should contact us.

Organisation/Closing Date

DITRDCA - 1/03/2024

DoHA - 1/03/2024

DITRDCA - 16/02/2024

ACMA - 13/02/2024

ACMA - 31/01/2024

SA Govt - 30/01/2024

Treasury/DITRDCA - 29/01/2024

DITRDCA - 22/12/2023

eSafety - 26/01/2024

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