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Communications Alliance Complaints-in-Context Report 

The latest CA complaints-in-context report figures show a continued decline in the number of complaints per service in operation (SIO), with just 2.6 complaints per 10,000 SIO in the July to September 2023 quarter, or one complaint for every 3,846 SIO.

This is the lowest CIC number on record and represents a 32 percent reduction in complaints for the same participants since the start of the CIC reporting year (October – December 2022).

Complaints in Context is published quarterly by Communications Alliance, with complaints data provided by The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. This report presents the number of new Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman complaints lodged against each participating service provider as a proportion of the telecommunications services that provider has in operation.  New complaints data comprises complaints about telephone and internet services from residential and small business customers. More information about complaints-in-context reporting is available here.

Scams Awareness Week 2023

Scams Awareness Week is an annual scams awareness raising campaign run by the ACCC on behalf of the Scam Awareness Network (SAN).  This year will be the first delivered by the National Anti-Scam Centre.

This year's campaign will run from Monday 27th November 2023 - Friday 1 December 2023. The theme for this campaign is ‘impersonation scams’. For further details click here.

Current Consultations

Below is a list of currently open telecommunications-related consultations being conducted by Government and other organisations that provide an opportunity for you to have your say.

Communications Alliance members interested in contributing to an industry submission (if one is being developed in response to a specific consultation) should contact us.

Organisation/Closing Date

DITRDCA - 16/02/2024

eSafety - 21/12/2023 ext. 22/01/2024

DITRDCA - 1/03/2024

SA Govt - 30/01/2024

DITRDCA - 30/11/2023

ACMA - 27/11/2023

ACMA - 24/11/2023

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