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  • ACOMMS 2021: 18 August 2021 - Register here

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ACOMM 2021 Awards - Nominate Now!

AusSpaceNominations are now open for the ACOMM 2021 Awards.

Do you know a satellite company delivering excellence in providing satellite communications or satellite/space-related products and services?

Nominate them in the Australian Space Industry Award category at www.acomms.com.au by May 21.

See all 12 nomination categories here

Proposed changes to the Accredited Persons Scheme

The Communications Alliance Satellite Services Working Group (SSWG) provided a submission to the ACMA’s consultation on the Accredited Persons Scheme. The SSWG is generally supporting the proposed changes and included recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the scheme. In the submission it was noted that some licence types are quite complex in both regulatory and technical terms, and that specialist Accredited Persons would need to ensure that proper coordination needs to be undertaken to minimise the risk of interference between different technologies.

New Radiocommunications Equipment Rules

New rules are being introduced by the ACMA to ensure the standards and labelling requirements for radiocommunications equipment under the existing Radiocommunications Act remain enforceable. Communications Alliance provided a submission to the ACMA on the proposed new rules in response to their recent consultation, supporting the proposed approach which has been designed to provide a seamless transition to the new arrangements.

Digital Infrastructure: Why it matters for your business - 22 April 2021

Communications Alliance is partnering with the Australia Latin America Business Council (ALABC) on an upcoming digital event titled "Digital Infrastructure: Why it matters for your business". (Please see the live link for the list of speakers and registration details).

The webinar will discuss the Asia-South America digital gateway - a submarine cable connecting Chile, New Zealand and Australia - plus the 5G networks rolling out across the Latin American region.

The initiative is designed to enable the technology to be deployed in regional areas, providing opportunities for data driven businesses and especially benefiting mining, agtech, fintech, medtech companies and organizations offering IOT and AI-enabled solutions in Chile, New Zealand and in Australia.

Areas of discussion will also reveal opportunities for students, academics and researchers to develop applications related to the technology; carry out analysis of systems and equipment in their laboratories and studies on spectrum bands for 5G.

This webinar will take place on Thursday 22nd April at 8:30am (AEST) via an online webinar platform. The webinar platform being used also has real time language interpretation capabilities between English and Spanish so that viewers can toggle between listening to speakers in either language.


Privacy Awareness Week - 3 to 9 May 2021

Privacy Awareness Week is an annual event that highlights the importance of protecting personal information and helps organisations, agencies and the public navigate the privacy landscape.

For further information click here.


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