Issue No 26: 7 September 2020



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  • ACOMMS 2020: Winners Announced - 10 September - Streamed here.

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SAVE THE DATE: 2020 ACOMM Awards Virtual Showcase Event

The 2020 ACOMM Awards Virtual Showcase will be streamed here via Cisco. Tune in on the 10th September from 4pm to see the achievements of the most innovative and successful Australian industry protagonists during 2019-20 and to celebrate with the ACOMM Winners.

Awards will be made in 11 categories as well as to the winner of the 2020 Communications Ambassador award.

Winners will be announced plus keynote addresses by the Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, The Hon Paul Fletcher and the Shadow Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland.


The ACOMM Awards are proudly presented by Communications Alliance.  The MNF Group is the 2020 Title Sponsor of the ACOMMS, with Mirait Gold Sponsors, Bird & Bird, Vodafone Bronze Sponsors and Cisco Digital Sponsor. 


Communications Alliance Welcomes Draft Propositions from Royal Commission into Natural Disaster Arrangements

Communications Alliance welcomed the release of a set of draft propositions by the Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission into Natural Disaster Arrangements.

Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, welcomed the focus in the draft propositions on information flows between Governments and essential infrastructure owners and operators, to enhance coordinated engagement and response during national disasters.

“We applaud the determined and timely way in which the Royal Commission is going about its work.

“We will examine the details of the draft propositions and formally respond to those of particular relevance to the communications sector, drawing on the views and recent bushfire-season experiences of our industry members, Mr Stanton said.

Keeping the Suite of Communications Alliance Standards Refreshed

Communications Alliance periodically reviews each of its Standards that are being used by our sector to ensure that they remain contemporary and relevant. Sometimes, like buses, a period of absence is followed by a glut.  An invitation is now being extended to equipment suppliers, network operators and other users of the Standards listed below to see if are satisfactorily meeting the needs of industry and the community, if there are any identified issues, improvements, gaps or clarifications that may be needed. Standards require ongoing evaluation in light of changes in technology, taking into account the evolving telecommunications environment. The Standards under review are:

AS/CA S035:2015 Requirements for installation of temporary field telecommunications customer cabling for defence purposes
This Standard applies to the installation of temporary field cabling by Department of Defence personnel and overseas defence forces for defence purposes during exercise, training or operational deployment by the Department of Defence (DoD), or overseas defence forces exercising with Australian DoD personnel.

AS/CA S041:2015 Requirements for DSL Customer Equipment for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network
Part 1: General
Part 2: Modems for use in connection with all DSL services
Part 3: Filters for use in connection with all xDSL services
The three Parts of this Standard specify requirements for Customer Equipment, including modems and filters, used with DSL services that share the metallic local loop with analogue PSTN two-wire services.

AS/CA S043:2015 Requirements for Customer Equipment for connection to a metallic local loop interface of a Telecommunications Network
Part 1: General
Part 3: DC, low frequency AC and voiceband
The two Parts of this Standard specify requirements for Customer Equipment that are designed or intended for connection to a Telecommunications Network via a metallic local loop interface.

Further information on these Standard and how to provide comments can be found on the Documents under review webpage. Comments are requested by 2 October 2020.

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