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Consultation on Draft Alternative Voice Services Trials Guidelines

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications is seeking views on the design of Alternative Voice Services trials.

The objective of the trials is to find better ways to deliver voice services in rural and remote areas generally and in particular in areas served by high capacity radio concentrator (HCRC) systems.

The trials will focus on rural and remote areas of Australia that are within NBN Co’s fixed wireless and satellite footprint and that are generally dependent on Telstra copper and HCRC networks for voice services.

The trials, slated to begin later this year, are designed to enable industry to demonstrate voice service capabilities in rural and remote Australia and help identify better options for the long term delivery of services under the Universal Service Guarantee (USG).

Under the plan, alternative voice services would be delivered, over a 12 month period, at no cost to the customer. Carriage Service Providers (CSPs) would be eligible for Commonwealth funding to assist them in providing these services. The funding could be directed to the cost of necessary equipment such as antennas, boosters or handsets as well as the service.

Customers would keep their existing fixed voice service, such as a copper or HCRC service at their expense as a safety net, but the alternative services would act as their primary service for the period of the trials.

Read the consultation paper here.

The Global Satellite Industry and COVID19

While the COVID-19 pandemic paralysed society and life as we knew it, the satellite industry ensured broad connectivity and service continuity for public and private users alike, connecting and empowering them to strengthen critical networks while also providing valuable insight into environmental, social and economic changes in society. Numerous examples in this article show how the satellite industry is contributing to improving lives and preserving the health and wellbeing of world citizens.

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