G671:2023 G.fast Deployment on Customer Cabling

G671:2023 (.pdf, 478 KB)

The Guideline is intended to provide:

  • A framework for managed sharing of customer cabling infrastructure within a premises or campus, while ensuring that all end users receive adequate G.fast data rates; and
  • A technical basis for determination of whether sharing is viable in cases where G.fast Systems from one Distribution Point Unit (DPU) share customer cabling infrastructure with G.fast Systems originating from another DPU.


  • Is a gigabit broadband access technology that uses the existing infrastructure of wire-pairs that originally deployed for plain old telephone service (POTS) services;
  • Equipment can be deployed from fibre-fed distribution points (fibre to the distribution point, FTTdp) located very near the customer premises, or within buildings (fibre to the building, FTTB); and
  • Is defined in ITU-T Recommendations G.9700 and G.9701.