G616:2013 Acoustic safety for telephone equipment

G616:2013 (.pdf, 371 KB)

This Guideline is intended to provide guidance to organisations that have staff who use telephone equipment for extended periods of time, manufacturers, call centres, audio consultants and testing laboratories, in order to reduce the risk and severity of acoustic shock.

This Guideline was developed with the following aims:

  1. To provide guidance in the development of equipment, workplaces and processes to reduce the risk and severity of acoustic shock.
  2. To provide additional, optional acoustic safety specifications that organisations can call up if they wish to increase the protection against acoustic shock beyond that specified in the two Standards AS/CA S004 (for landline phones) and AS/CA S042.1 (for mobile phones).

A correction Amendment was issued in 2014 (Amendment No. 1/2014, incorporated into G616:2013) to rectify a typographical error on the ‘G616 GUIDELINE - AT A GLANCE’ page.