G522:2016 Calling Number Display

G522:2016 (.pdf, 357 KB)

The Calling Number Display Guideline replaces the Calling Number Display Code (C522:2007) which was agreed to be de-registered by the ACMA on 13 October 2016.

The Guideline addresses privacy issues raised by Calling Line Identification (CLI) and Calling Number/Name Display (CND) and was proposed in light of the Government’s de-regulatory commitments and the principles espoused in the Communications Alliance “Framework for Customer Information Provisions”.

  • Key content changes from the Code to the Guideline include:
  • clarifying mobile services to be applicable as part of the Standard Telephone Service.
  • updates as a result of the introduction of the Australian Privacy Principles.
  • rectifying an error introduced in the previous version of the Code concerning how the obligations for permanent line blocking are applied to fixed line and mobile services.
  • limiting the scope of the new Guideline to residential and small business customers, as defined by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, to align with the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code.
  • reflecting the calling line identification (CLI) obligations of s354 of the Telecommunications Act 1997.
  • updating references from ‘ACIF’ to ‘Communications Alliance’

In conjunction with the Guideline, a Consumer Fact Sheet on Calling Number Display has been developed. Download a copy here.


The Guideline was reconfirmed in 2019 and the next review is scheduled to occur in April 2024.