G500:2000 Signalling System No. 7 - Interconnection ISUP

G500:2000 Introduction (.pdf, 206 KB)

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Amdt No. 1/2020 to ACIF G500:2000 (.pdf, 62 KB)

Defines the interconnection services and signalling protocol to be available for interconnecting domestic Australian networks.

Amendment No.1 of 2020 allows the transfer of international CLI.

The Specification was reconfirmed in 2007, 2012 and 2017 and amended in 2020. The next review is scheduled to occur in 2025.

Other related documents include:

G549:2000 Interconnection Implementation Plan (this complements G500:2000)

G500:1998 Specification - Signalling System No 7 - Interconnect ISUP (this was improved to produce G500:2000)

G500:1998 Supplement is the supplementary documents to G500:1998. It contains a number of service descriptions and the interconnect dial plan which was the predecessor to G549:2000.

G500:2002 Specification - Interconnect Signalling Specification for Circuit Switched Networks is based on the ITU's ISUP 2000 and related ETSI specifications and may also be of interest.