Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) Publication Suite

C555:2020 Integrated Public Number Database (IPND)

C555:2020 (pdf 441.8kb)

The Code specifies who can supply and/or receive data to/from the IPND, as well as the obligations on use of IPND data.

Revision of the Code

This revision seeks to deliver on three Code deficiencies identified by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Broadly these are to:
  1. clarify that all Numbers Issued to a Customer by a CSP are required to be listed in the IPND and give greater clarity of the number types that are required to be in the IPND;
  2. set out what a CSP must do to reconcile PNCD against their own Customer data, including a mandatory obligation to review and action Changed Data Provider Reports issued by the IPND Manager; and
  3. make reconciliation of PNCD compulsory between a CSP’s customer systems and the IPND at least once every six months.

Related Guideline

G619:2017 IPND Data

G619:2017 (.pdf, 1,490 KB)

Provides assistance to Data Providers and Data Users in ensuring the accurate capture and entry of data into the IPND to satisfy the needs of all Data Users, particularly emergency service organisations.