About This Report 

Complaints in Context is published quarterly by Communications Alliance, with complaints data provided by The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. 

This report presents the number of new Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman complaints lodged against each participating service provider as a proportion of the telecommunications services that provider has in operation. 

New complaints data comprises complaints about telephone and internet services from residential and small business customers. It excludes enquiries made by residential and small business customers. 

Reporting Methodology

The data reported represents the number of Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman complaints per 10,000 SIO for participating providers. The Complaints in Context data is either aggregated for all companies in a telecommunications group or is reported as a separate figure for each company or brand depending on how a business elects to participate in Complaints in Context reporting. 

The SIO data is based on a snapshot of active telephone or internet services taken at the end of the second month of the quarter for each participating telephone or internet service provider. 

This includes all residential consumers and all small business consumers covered by the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code and excludes inactive, suspended and cancelled services. 

To calculate the number of Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman new complaints per 10,000 SIO, a service provider’s total new complaints is divided by its total SIO and multiplied by 10,000. 

The “All participants” result is the total new Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. complaints for all participants divided by the total SIO for all participants, multiplied by 10,000. 

The Complaints in Context report began in 2014 as a joint report by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and Communications Alliance. Past editions of Complaints in Context were published jointly by Communications Alliance and the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. All past editions can be found below.

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