WC100 One Way Emergency Calls


The One Way Emergency Calls Working Committee is to :
  • Consider the industry treatment of an emergency call made on mobile Customer Equipment with a service that uses a SIM (or equivalent) that is not intended for voice telephony (e.g. a ‘data only’ SIM);
  • Draft a new Guideline on One Way Emergency Calls;
  • Liaise with the Operations Reference Panel on any proposed edits of the:
       C536:2020 Emergency Call Services Requirements Code; and
       C555: 2020 Integrated Public Number Database Code;
  • Liaise with WC94 for possible edits as part of its revision of AS/CA S042.1:2020;
  • Maintain alignment with any relevant international specifications; and
  • Align with the format of the current Communications Alliance template.

Terms of reference (Download, .doc 173KB)