UQconnect is an initiative of Information Technology Services at The University of Queensland and was launched on 1st March 2001. UQconnect provides Internet services for the UQ community, which includes the University itself. The University's Internet service was established in 1992 and we were one of the first Internet Service Providers in Brisbane.

UQconnect vision
To become the Internet Service Provider of choice for the UQ community and other Queensland educational institutions. This will be achieved through the provision of outstanding services and solutions that offer access to global information and communication.

UQconnect mission
To deliver service excellence that will compel every client to become an advocate of UQconnect. To respond to customers' changing Internet and on-line functionality needs. To endeavour to build long-term relationships with all of our customers and to provide each client with the best technological solutions for their study, business or home requirements.

UQconnect philosophy
To provide a service that befits a leading world class university. To consider the needs of our customers. To continue to find new ways of improving our service. To interact with our customers and each other in a courteous manner. To demonstrate great service. To encourage innovation. To encourage suggestions from all staff and customers on ways of improving our service. To listen to what others have to say - we could learn from it.

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