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Comms Essential -  Implementing the Data Retention Regime
25 June 2015 (Sydney and Melbourne)
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IoT Industry/Stakeholder Workshop

The Communications Alliance IoT Think Tank is gearing up for a major industry/stakeholder workshop to be held in Sydney on 19 June, hosted by KPMG. The workshop will complement the research project being undertaken by consultants end Think-Tank members, Creator Tech.

A broader stakeholder group, including representatives from the ACMA, AIIA, ACCAN and AMTA are expected to join IoT industry players in a detailed examination of the newly-mapped “IoT ecosystem” in Australia and look at where Australian industry can and should most effectively play.

The workshop will also examine work recently completed by leading law firm, Baker & McKenzie as it debates the implications of IoT for Australia’s regulatory framework.

The program for the Workshop can be found here. Spaces at the workshop are limited but industry participants or other stakeholders interested in attending can enquire via info@commsalliance.com.au.

Government Must Clarify Website Blocking Costs

The Attorney-General, Senator Brandis, should heed a Parliamentary Committee call for the Government to clarify the cost implications of its planned website blocking regime, according to Communications Alliance.

Commenting on the release of the report of the inquiry by the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs into the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015, released today, Communications Alliance CEO John Stanton said the Government should carry through on its earlier commitments.

“The Government’s policy proposal, in July 2014, stated categorically that ‘Rights holders would be required to meet any reasonable costs associated with an ISP giving effect to an order (to block a website)…….. ‘’, Mr Stanton said. “But this core commitment by Government – which is important to minimise the costs on internet consumers -‘went missing’ when it drafted the legislation.

“The Committee has rightly pointed out that the Government has left cost issues opaque in the legislation and told the Government to clarify that service providers should not have to bear the cost of implementing orders to assist copyright holders.”

Communications Alliance welcomed the recommendation that the effectiveness of the Bill be reviewed after two years of operation, given the conflicting international evidence as to whether site-blocking can make a material difference to the frequency of online copyright infringement.

Mr Stanton also welcomed the Committee’s enthusiasm for the creation of a ‘landing page’ at the blocked online location, specifying that the site has been blocked by a court order.

“This is a good and practical step, but the landing page should be hosted and paid for by the relevant rights holder – as happens today when Interpol seeks the blocking of offensive or illegal websites,” Mr Stanton said.

He congratulated the Committee on resisting pressure from right holders to abandon the “primary purpose” test in the legislation, but supported the Government position as to requirement for Courts to take account of the factors specified in the s115A (5) of the Bill when deciding whether to grant an injunction.

“Communications Alliance continues to give guarded support to the legislation but urges Parliament to amend it before passage, to provide greater clarity, promote effectiveness and help avoid unintended costs and consequences for law-abiding Australian internet users”.

Public Safety Mobile Broadband Submission

Communications Alliance in a joint submission with the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) have commented on the Productivity Commission’s issues paper on Public Safety Mobile Broadband (PSMB). 

In their submission the Associations support the alignment of Australia’s PSMB capability with international standards such as 3GPP to leverage off developments in other markets and create interoperability where possible, including across Australian jurisdictions and agencies.

The Associations also stress the importance of any PSMB capability to leverage off existing commercial networks (including the NBN) and associated infrastructure. Existing policies and processes to enable the sharing of physical infrastructure via the Mobile Carriers Forum (MCF) and similar commercial sharing arrangements should be considered in the design of any PSMB capability. The submission also stresses the necessity to carefully consider spectrum needs. It is suggested to explore potential sharing arrangements where PSMB use could be given priority to ensure that spectrum is always allocated to its highest value use.

Communications Essentials - Implementing the Data Retention Regime
Sydney and Melbourne (via videoconference) Thursday 25 June 2015

Australia’s controversial Mandatory Data Retention Regime takes effect from 13 October this year.

As Service Providers work to understand what the regime requires and how they can comply with it, Communications Alliance Members are invited to attend a Comms Essentials Seminar on Data Retention Implementation.

This must-attend industry event will feature:

  • An address by the Communications Access Coordinator within the Attorney-General’s Department (responsible for overseeing the scheme) Ms Jamie Lowe; and
  • Presentations from a range of vendors vying to offer outsourced data retention solutions to Australian service providers.

Communications Alliance is working with the Attorney-General’s Department to finalise guidance documents for Service Providers, to help de-mystify the intricacies of the Data Retention requirements, how the data-set applies to specific services and how Service Providers can create implementation plans as a pathway to compliance with the regime.

The event offers an opportunity to hear the views of the CAC, who is responsible for a raft of oversight and approval functions, including the awarding of exemptions and the approval of implementation plans.

Alongside this, the seminar will allow vendors of outsourced data retention solutions to showcase their capabilities as Service Providers seek to define the least burdensome path to complying with the new laws.

The seminar will also feature a legal/regulatory overview of the data retention regime from leading law firm, Baker & McKenzie


  • Overview of regulation and legal overview of the data retention regime: Speaker Patrick Fair, Baker & McKenzie
  • Address by the Communications Access Coordinator  Speaker: Ms Jamie Lowe, Communications Access Coordinator, Attorney-General’s Department
  • Outsourced data retention solution: BAE Systems, Hewlett Packard and Yaana Limited
  • Q&A  Facilitator: John Stanton, CEO, Communications Alliance

Who should attend:

Attendance is essential for Communications Alliance members - representatives from carriage service providers, internet service providers, law firms and other industry stakeholders who want to understand the intricacies of the Data Retention requirements, how the data-set applies to specific services and how Service Providers can create implementation plans as a pathway to compliance with the regime.

Venue:    Sydney - Baker & McKenzie, Level 27, AMP Centre, 50 Bridge Street
                Melbourne via video - Baker & McKenzie, Level 19, 181 William Street

Time:      9:30am for 10:00am start to 12:30pm 

CA Members Registrations accepted here

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