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Comms Essential - Online Copyright Infringement Scheme & Website Blocking Legislation
26 August 2015 (Sydney and Melbourne)
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Communications Alliance Welcomes Government’s response to the Spectrum Review

The telecommunications industry welcomed the Government’s announcement today that it will implement the recommendations of the Spectrum Review. The Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, said industry agreed that significant and forward-looking reform of spectrum policy and process is needed to reduce the regulatory burden on spectrum users by making interactions with the framework, including allocation processes, more flexible, simpler and faster. He welcomed the decision by the Minister for Communications, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, to implement the three main recommendations of the review.

  1. Replace the current legislative arrangements with new legislation that removes prescriptive process and streamlines licensing, for a simpler and more flexible framework.
  2. Better integrate the management of public sector and broadcasting spectrum to improve the consistency and integrity of the framework.
  3. Review spectrum pricing to ensure consistent and transparent arrangements to support the efficient use of spectrum and secondary markets.

“Communications Alliance and it members look forward to working with Government on the detail and implementation of the reform agenda, to help ensure that the new framework can be rolled out from mid-2017,” Mr Stanton said.

Communications Essentials - Copyright Infringement Scheme & Website Blocking Legislation
Sydney and Melbourne (via videoconference) Wednesday 26 August 2015


Communications Alliance, internet service providers and rights holders have cooperatively written a copyright notice scheme code and have submitted it to the industry regulator, the ACMA, for consideration for registration. Negotiations are ongoing between the parties to finalise a commercial agreement, including cost-sharing, that will allow the Code and scheme to begin operating.

Government also recently passed the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015 which allows copyright owners to seek an injunction to require ISPs to block access to any overseas website which has with the primary purpose of facilitating online copyright infringement.

As service providers and rights holders work to understand what the new scheme requires and what processes and costs it entails, Communications Alliance Members are invited to attend a Comms Essentials seminar on the Online Copyright Infringement Scheme & the Website Blocking Legislation in Sydney and Melbourne on 26 August 2015.

Who should attend:

Attendance is recommended for Communications Alliance members – representatives from internet service providers, law firms and other industry stakeholders who want to understand the intricacies of the new scheme and legal requirements and get an overview of different stakeholder perspectives.


  • Overview of the online copyright infringement scheme and legal overview of the website blocking legislation  Speaker: Patrick Fair, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
  • Industry overview and approach to online copyright infringement  Speaker: Gary Smith, Head of Regulatory Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, Optus Chair of CA Working Committee 66 Online Copyright Infringement.
  • Rights holder’s perspective  Speaker: Bruce Maegher, Director Corporate Affairs, Foxtel
  • The UK scheme – insights and observations  Speaker: Rajiv Shah, General Manager, ANZ – Intl. Services & Solutions, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
  • Q&A  Facilitator: John Stanton, CEO, Communications Alliance
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